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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Offical Summer is almost here

Summer in Maine!!! Now that's what I am talking about. First there are the black flies, then the mosquitoes, then the rain, then the sun and maybe more rain. You ask what is the best thing? Camping, kayaking and just being alive in Maine. I will be doing lots of camping this summer. My knee is healing very well. So I can do the things I love to do. June 23rd-27th, I will head to northern Maine (where I have never been to), to attend the Acadian Festival in Madawaska. They have it every year in June. There are street parades, quilt shows, good food and friends to meet. Also this year is the Gagnon family reunion. I am a Gagnon by distance marriage. I continue to work on my Genealogy pedigree charts along with visiting as many places of my ancestors as possible. I will cross the border to Canada to St Basile and Madawaska New Brunswick Canada. Lots of my relatives, including the Martins (my great great grandmother's side) came from that area. One would say "Why do you want to visit an area that only dead relatives are?) One time I was in Nova Scotia in Granville Ferry, and I saw a mail box with my mothers maiden name on it. As shy as I am (ha ha), I went up to the house and asked if we were related. Low and behold, Clara Robinson lived there and she was my mothers first cousin. It was only a few months before that that I found out where my grandfathers family came from. My grandfather has been dead since 1918 since WWI. My mother never had contact with that side of the family. It is a sad story, maybe I will touch upon it here one day. Well if you don't ask the question, you might miss out on a great opportunity.
So Madawaska will start my camping/genealogy adventure this summer.In July, I will travel to Frederickton New Brunswick to view a Tattoo. Also will continue on to Acadieville, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. If you have not been to the Atlantic Maritimes ( New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland/Labrador) you are missing out on a beautiful part of the world both nature and people. And of course LOBSTAH!!!!

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