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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The picture of me is in Antarctica in 2005. What a place!!!! Penguins (millions of them), seals, dolphins, whales, icebergs etc. It is a photographers and a nature lovers dream. I took so many pictures while trying to walk between penguin poop. In Antarctica, you can dig a hole and enjoy the thermal waters in your bathing suit. My ship anchored, we took the zodiacs to shore to enjoy sliding down a iceberg covered with snow. We actually took the zodiacs 7 times to different areas to explore. The highest mountain in Antarctica is Mt. Vinson. It is inland so I did not see it.
I had the pleasure of meeting the delegation from Argentina at their base at Esperanza. They and their families stay over the winter. They have a school, cafeteria, church and housing among much more. If you want more information on Antarctica, just ask and I can send you pictures.
Until next time....Happy Travels.

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