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Friday, May 21, 2010

Well, here I am. First time!!! I would love to share my travel experiences and geneology knowledge with you. My first travel was as a kid (a long time ago) when my parents, brother and I drove to Florida from Massachusetts for a two week vacation in the sun. We stayed in a motel (probably not there now) in Fort Lauderdale on the ocean. My travel bug has not diminished since. My first travel overseas was to Bermuda for my senior trip in college (no year please). Since then I have been to all seven continents and over 100 countries. While traveling, I got interested in my family history, (hence all the hundreds of hours of research no probably a thousand by now). I have been to the church where my 14th grandmother back was baptised in France. I even have her baptismal certificate. Since my maternal grandfather served in the Army in WWI, I have visited many times the areas in France where he fought and died.
I have lots of books, maps, historical data, pictures and web sites to share with you so we can begin with your travel plans. Also included in my information is geneology information in books, web sites, and links to other web sites of your interest.I am not a travel consultant any longer, just want to share my knowledge of travel and geneology.

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  1. Looks good...... Don't normally do blogs... Dennis