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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 2010
Last year at this time, I was in Alaska working on the Holland America Ship "The Statendam". Alaska "The Last Frontier". She celebrated her 50th anniversary as a state in 2009. I have been traveling to Alaska for over 20 years and she never stops showing me her beauty. There are four places on Earth that have Fjords..Alaska, Norway, New Zealand and Chile. I have been lucky and I have been to all four places. They each have their own unique beauty but I have to be honest, I love Alaska the best. The glaciers, wild animals, mountains, waterfalls, history, Mt Denali, fishing, kayaking and so much more. If you are thinking of a trip to our 49th state, the best way to go is by car to experience all of Alaska but if time is of the essence then take a cruise with an additional land tour by tour bus. For those of you that have been to Alaska, how lucky you have been. For those who have not been there, "What are you waiting for?".
Enjoy the day!!

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  1. We have been there; on a Holland America cruise, about 3 years ago. The glaciers were fantastic to see, but we drove to Seattle via the Canadian Rockies which was the biggest thrill. Roads you might never want to drive on again, but worth the trip. It was like having a wildlife zoo all around you. I recommend it.