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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nepal: People, places and Heaven

Do you want to know what Heaven is going to be like?I have had a preview, NEPAL. I first started going there in 1993. Don and I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful country high in the Himalayas where the people are so friendly, food is good and the scenery is spectacular. We flew into Kathmandu via Europe and India. In Kathmandu, we enjoyed good food, good friends and great historical places. After our visit to the capital of Nepal, we flew up to Lukla by Russian helicopter so we could trek up further toward Mt Everest. (We were a lot younger then).After many days of climbing over and under rocks, rivers, paths, Yak dung etc., we reached our highest point about 15,000 ft above sea level and Mt. Everest in view.
Since that first trip, I have returned many times. Most recent in 2005 to continue to volunteer as a dental assistant in the Dental clinics that are sponsored by the "Himalayan Dental Relief". Each year we serve at least 400 children at each visit. After each dental clinic, we then trek in the mountains for 10 days. My last trek was to the Annapurna region in western Nepal. I still have contact with my Sherpa guide, Bibek. Nepal is a very poor country but rich in its people and history. So I call it heaven and it truly is.

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